Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro - 2018 Models With PCIe Fix & Unlocked TDP Bios 0401

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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro - 2018 Models With PCIe Fix & Unlocked TDP Bios 0401 hey guys so just a quick one here withXiaomi's Mi notebook Pro this is their 15.6 inch model so their best one really,the best notebook they have made out of those three we've got the 13.3 inchmodel we've got the twelve inch model that hasn't been updated yet and thenthis model of course now this is a newer version here that I got for $829 USD whichis really good for the price that worked out to be about six hundred and seventyor eighty euros here in Spain which is really decent price for the kind ofspeaker getting considering it's got an eighth gen CPU on here the i5 8250 younow what happened with the first one I got is that the SSD was only running intimes two mode so at half its capacity really it wasn't running full steamahead these are the kind of speeds I was getting around about 1800 reads and 1200right so the read speeds will lower but luckily later biased versions came outand they patched they fix this issue show me which was good at them had to dothis of course they had to do it so this latest model here that I have picked upI can confirm that yes you can see those speeds there that fixes the problem nowyou're able to update the BIOS yourself there is a post on my website wherewe've discussed that in a few people have added in some links and things towhere you can get those biases and you can update that but this version herethat I have originally first for it had the latest BIOS on here but it turns outthat it's not but it's the version that pretty much everyone is after and thatis version 0 4 0 1 now the reason why a lot of people want this one is laterversions again Xiaomi decided to lock us out of the Advanced tab so this is thetab here I'm talking about now the reason why it's great to have access tothis is because we can under vault to save a little bit on temperatures so itwon't generate as much heat as the stock voltage but you can only push it so farthen you could run into a blue screen of death and of course the laptop willcrash and reboot but here I'm getting a with point zero nine and that has beenstable no problems with that and the best thing to do was this really here soyou can tweak that POW love it now the stop limit is 15 so 15 watts is whatinto how I've told everyone that's what you should go with and that's whatyou'll normally find on these laptops so if you have all this grayed out becauseyou're on a different bias version then of course you can't tweak or change anyof that but keeping that on the thirty means it's gonna perform a lot fasterwhen we run things like video editing software or 3d and I will give you anexample of that the kind of boost we get here in Cinebench r15 for example sotake a look at that CPU score this is amazing for this CPU because the stockpower limit will only give you a score here of around about 536 CB so it's upto hundred points if you run this and this score the 726 is very close or onpar with the seventh-generation i7 7700 h-q that's a very common i7 CPU you findin a lot of gaming laptops that have the nvidia 1060 or the 1070 in them you seea lot of them around so it's quite a powerful CPU and of course it does havethe hyper threading like this one here so that's a really good result so that'swhy it's great to have those unlocked power limits okay so it's all very wellme showing you this here now unfortunately it looks like that thisversion that I'm really lucky to have on my particular model here the 0 for 0 1bias version and looking on the Xiaomi forums it seems that what they're sayinghere is it's the best version because you get the 2 times SSD speeds and theunlocked power limits and voltage but the problem is it doesn't seem to be aflash package here now this Google Translate it's gone a little bit wronghere because it says there is no brush bag when you always see that they alwayskeep saying they're talking about brushing brushing is flashing so there'sno flash zips and no one's got those files unfortunately yet for thatparticular version so the later bios's now this one right hereyou've got a zero five zero two which I haven't flashed this one yet but I dobelieve it fixes the SSD but we don't get access to this right here so wedon't have this is all grayed out so you can't make any adjustments there so thatis the changes there on the later versions now coming out of China andshipping a lot of them we'll be shipping with this by us but then some of themcould have this 500 to model on there which is a bit of a shame but at leastwe fix that SSD problem with it not running at full speed thanks a lot forwatching this video here so I will have some more videos coming up on thisparticular model here the me notebook Pro I've got a gaming video coming upbecause a lot of people are asking me just how fortnight that you know thatgame from if it games how that performs on here so I'll do a video of that andalso a comparison to the new revised me notebook err the 13 inch version whichruns the same exact chipset as this one here so do keep an eye out for those andthank you so much for watching this short little video here bye for now .

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