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Honor Note 10 Unboxing & Hands-On Review (English) Higuys Chris here so if you follow meand the channel you'd know that I'd like larger phones and I decided that yes Ihave to check this one out there's been a lot of requests for it I've justfinished reviewing Xiaomi's Mi Max three for the price is a fantastic lastmobile phone it's got a six point nine inch screen this one IPS and what wehave with the honor note in here is a six point nine five inch screen soslightly larger the resolution is twenty to twenty by ten eighty it's an AMOLEDscreen as well that does support HDR, HDR10 spec so it should look very verygood this display and the build of it is I think it's glass or they have on therear they've got twin cameras on the back of it so one 16 megapixels theother 24 both with an F 1.8 aperture so that's relatively bright lens there andit should perform well in low-light hopefully a lot better than the likes ofthe Mi Max 3 and of course it is a more expensive mobile phone here so you doexpect it to perform a Nereus like that a lot betterso it has highways custom chip in here which is the keren 970 a five thousandmilliamp hour battery so it's slightly smaller than the Xiaomi me max three andthere is one disappointing thing to note with this that the boot loaders lockedwe expected this with far away and the other thing of course is there's no 3.5millimeter headphone jack which is sad to see on such a large mobile phone okayso this is going to be a long video that's going to cover a lot of stuff indetail there's some time codes here so feel free to skip ahead so you see thebox very simple plain-looking here just says it's the honor Note 10 with thelittle AI marketing there ok so just get this out of the wrapper so for thosethat are going to ask me how did you get hold of it so fast very simple I boughtthis from China and I got express delivery DHL so there's the phone therejust take it out for a second and we'll take a look at what else we get in thebox so you can see here we do have a sentry tool now the SIM tray it doesactually support two sims or one sim and a micro SD card so youhave to give up one of the sons if you want to use micro SD card with this butgood to see they do have support so this I think has a case in it my looks of ityeah ok there's some warranty things whatnot that's all in Chinese as to beexpected so we'll take a look at this case as you can see it's a trancegray TPU style and it's better than having nothing good to see manufacturersa lot of manufacturers in fact including cases now in the box and then right herein this little packet we have sadly the adapter here so type C - 3.5 millimetersuch a shame they did not include this this is one of the real kind of dealbreakers almost for me because I love to use 3.5 millimeter headphone that I haveand just plug them straight in without using silly adapters so here we have thetop C cable obviously and then the charger right here and it is huawei'ssupercharged specs so the maximum output is 5 volts 4.5 amps so you see it justcomes in this little slip here so let's get it out of that and take a look atthe phone so at the bottom we have honor branding there on the chin and it doescome with a pre applied screen protector so along the bottom you will find somegrills here now they've got a loudspeaker one of two right here andthen the microphone the type C port and you can see those two gray antenna linesthe whole bottom of the phone is rounded here and it does feel really nice anyhand we've got 2.5 D glass the resume doubt of glass we have a fingerprintread and you can see the marketing branding there ai camera the dual toneLED flash and then those two cameras so once 24 megapixels the other 16 one ofthem is just black and white and both of them have an F 1.8 aperture now neitherof these cameras have any optical image stabilization so just like the Huawei P20 Pro which is a little bit unfortunate but it does have electronic imagestabilization at 1080p at least you see here the volume buttons made out ofmetal and they do feel really good they do not rattle around either and thendown the bottom of the right hand side you'll find this button which isdedicated to the CPU turbo and GPO turbo modes which is basically just marketingit's all marketing hype here but this button does have a secondary purpose andthat is the shutter button when you're in the stock camera app on the top lefthand side you'll find these sim tray so to nano Sims or a micro SD card and nanoSIM now note that this does have meal reinforcing around it but it doesn'thave a Gasquet they're to keep out any water ordust and along the top the earpiece then that 13 megapixel camera with an F 2.0aperture and thankfully they didn't do anything silly like put a you notchdisplay on this and taking a look at it side-by-side with the Xiaomi me max 3they are almost identical the dimensions of these two so we have more of a rockto this one when you let on a table which I have now and not so much herewith the honor note because the cameras don't protrude as much and I willmeasure it now and weigh it also just after this so the bottom notch you cansee here is slightly smaller on the honor note 10 the top notch as wellslightly smaller and really the height difference marginally higher taller thehonor note 10 then the me max 3 only by about 2 millimeters or so and as itexpect the more expensive on a note 10 feels much better in hand it feels likea premium flagship the me max well it feels more like a read me phone becauseit's got the middle unibody housing on it and it does have that lip around theedges which you don't get on the honor note 10 this one is more rounded andoverall just has a much higher quality feel to it now looking at the thicknessof it it's approximately 8 millimeters that's without the cameras and when thecamera is there then that brings it up to 8.5 so not bad at all in terms ofthickness and just checking the weight of it it does feel quite heavy yes it isso two hundred and thirty five grams making this a large relatively heavyphone and the me max story of course is a little bit lighter because it doesn'thave the glass on the red that comes in at 222 gramsall right so powering this arm for the first time you get a haptic feedbackvibration and you can see now the bezels of this so the side bezels to me look alittle bit larger than the press images they tend to do that don't they theyphotoshopped them to be a little slimmer than they really areso this ROM isn't your typical Chinese roms from the likes of the show-medevices our review you've just got English in Chinese now you've got everysingle language you can think of is in here now part of the setup we do havethe following unlocking options that you get normallywith most Android 8.1 devices now as you get faced unlocking and then fingerprintID as well so I will just actually test that out now and set that up and alsothe face unlocking now I've got the camera and the tripod in the way so youreally don't know how this is going to work out now it's gonna be verydifficult and have to do this off camera alright so we'll test out the faceunlocking I managed to get it to scan my face properly without the camera in theway so if I tap it now you can see it's looking for my face its vibrated that ithasn't found me and so it's gonna be pretty hard for me to do with the cameraright here try that again recognizing face okay it's recognized me but thesilly thing is it won't go straight and unlock I still have to swipe to unlockto get into the UI which is to me a bit silly there must be a seating I thinkthere is and then as the reason why I prefer to use the fingerprint unlockingso the fingerprint reader on the back this is always on and you simply justplace your finger there and look how quick that is it's almost instantaneousit works really quick and flawlessly so far all right so this screen is lookingand really good so far as you'd expect for a 6.95 AMOLED panelnot bad at all but just take a look at all of this below where crap we have onhere now of course I did expect there's been a Chinese phone they just love tocram just so much junk on here look at it all and they've even got this topapps which is full with a whole bunch of other rubbish in there too that I'mgonna have to uninstall checking the free space now we've got 52 gigabytesfree just over the Android security patch level is the first of July 2018considering now we're in August this is not bad at all and you can see that it'salso running that Kieran 970 chipset from Huaweithis is my first time with a keren 970 so I did want to have a little detailedlook at it here so it's an octa-core and the GPU is the Mele g72 and you can seewe've got four arm cortex a7 t3 s and then we've got four i'm cortex a53 set alower clock right there and I've just checked for system updates there isnothing so it is on the latest version of EMU eye which ispoint two so the phone doesn't have fullscreen gestures which to me is alittle disappointing they really need to put that in there just get a little bitmore modern other phones are switching to jesters so you've got single keynavigation mode there you've got the three key navigation which I've got atthe moment and then navigation dock which is basically just like a littlebutton there that you can use to navigate I would have liked to have seencapacitive menu keys here Hardware ones down the bottom so you could touch thosebecause there's actually room and that bottom bezel for a bit manufacturers areswitching away from that and just going with on-screen buttons or gestures nowgetting placed or on the huawei phones is quite easy so you just need to go towhat's called the app gallery and then search Google you'll find Google PlayStore and then install it so now taking a look at the screen but first I wantedto show you that the white balance you can adjust this and the colortemperature so your own personal preference here good to see they havethis setting here all manufacturers should include this but surprisinglysome don't actually so you can tweak that white balance and tweak the colorsso the gamma comes out to be two points three and the closest to two point twois really best but this isn't far off so this is quite good viewing angles asexpected for an AMOLED panel they are really good some of the best that youwill see on a mobile phone and now I'm quickly looking at the display side byside with the me max 3 so the me max trees got the IPS panel and really okaythe difference between the two you definitely notice that the panel on thehonor Note 10 is superior when it comes to color reproductions it just seems tobe a little bit more accurate there but all in all really there's not a massivedifference and it's definitely not worth that extra price tag when you look atboth of these devices so we have to factor in the whole thing what are thecameras like on this phone but overall it is a really good-looking screen moreaccurate definitely more accurate than the me max threes display blacks ofcourse is where the screen looks really good because they are a deep black andI'm not noticing too much of a grayness when you move it of course I do have thescreen protector on I'm gonna leave it on there because I don't want to scratchthe screen up maximum brightness is also really good I just measured 690 luxthat's a huge step up that's about 220 or so Luxmore than the ciao Mimi max 3 so I've just run antutuand this is a really good score 209,000 very quick and that isn't in that cputurbo boost mode either so it turns out for storage they are using ufs 2.1 andlook at these speed this is crazy fast the fastest I have seen actually on amobile phone yet with the sequential reads very good random reads and writesand also the sequential writes is also up there 204 now I just assumed that quaway would have gone with MMC 5.1 speed but I'm glad to see there heaven this isreally flagship storage speeds also checking out the Widevine editors level1 and this is great so Netflix you can install it from Google Play Store andyou can run it in HD you're not limited just to STS so she'll me needs to takenote here they are still running with only version 3 and no surprises herewith treble check so it does not support treble even though it does have Android8.1 this is a shame camera API to check here so hit as limited support so thismeans you're not going to get full features using other apps and that willconnect up and use the camera API - from Google so one thing I like about thisphone as it has dual loudspeakers on the top and then on the bottom as well butthe thing I don't like is we're missing a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack butanyway let's test out those loudspeakers and I can say now they do sound muchbetter than the me max threes and overall not bad loudspeakers at all wireless speeds now they're not thefastest I have seen I've seen in the 400s from the Snapdragon 805 but this isstill very good the kind of throughput we can get here up to around 780megabits per second 4G speeds well I'm with orange here atthe moment you can see and they're not wonderful but it's getting what everyother single mobile phone out there is getting our call quality seems also verygood and I notice the signal strength fine as well no problems with thateither Wireless range also seems very good justlike GPS it saw 20 satellites it locked onto 20 satellites the lock was reallyquick and the accuracy hovers around 4 to 5 meters which is perfectly fine sojust looking now at the phone's performance in general just real worlduse I've noticed it is very quick and snappy especially with a really faststorage and I haven't noticed any problems with the task manager so it'snot automatically killing off any applications too soon I feel it it seemsto be fine but swapping between your apps going back home loading things andthis is all really really quick I mean this feels every bit a flagship phoneand I haven't seen really any start of what I have noticed a couple of times isjust what I've gone like this swapping for side to side I've seen a tiny tinylittle bit of animation stutter now one annoying thing of course this isa Chinese phone and as expected really are you gonna see this okay so you cansee a little bit of Chinese text here now we've got that AI button on the sideI don't really know what it does it just really clocks up the governor doesn't itfor the CPU and the GPU clocks holds them at maximum speed I think so it'sgonna chew through the battery and when you tap it so you turn it on I don'tactually know there's no way to see where it's on or off it gives you allthis thing right here in Chinese which I don't read but what I think it's sayingis probably that that what it's doing or it's gonna consume more battery lifeyada-yada yeah and yet it's kind of annoying that that is there so you'regonna see this Chinese popping up here and there now we do have you see itagain but a Chinese right there so it's telling me some new app things so that'salways going to be there we do have NFC on here as well which is good to see soyou can buy a dock for this and running like Samsung's next really socan have like a desktop but I tested it out if you don't have that specifichardware for it which I don't have on hand I've tried my HDMI adapters I'vealso tried my type C hubs and everything I cannot get any HDMI signal out of thiswhich is a little bit unfortunate I didn't expect it to workI'm OTG does work by the way so we'll do that one game here which is a verypopular one here this is pub G now it auto detects these settings as high sohigh graphics high frame rate as you can see here but you can adjust this to HDRand ultra if you want and that's what I'm gonna test out now so you can seewhere the map framerate is really good as expected on Ultra and with thischipset they keren 970 just jump out of the plane so I have turned on that wellat least I think it's on the GPU turbo you tap it and it doesn't actually giveyou any signs it's on or I'm turning it off which was rather silly or maybethat's what it was telling me in Chinese that I didn't actually understand thereso you can see here there's a little bit of stutter just then and that seems tohappen on every single device just loading in the textures and things soI've been playing for a few minutes now and the framerate is really good thegraphics look good and because we've got the large immersive screen it's just areal joy to play this game here and the speakers also they add quite a bit tobecause they've got a bit of bass to them they sound nice and I almostcrashed just then yes very playable I'll just get off the motorbike here and I'llzoom in with the scope to show you that that that's very smooth and there is nolag with that either you can see it's a really good performance here fordemanding games like pop G so Huawei has marketed a lot about the cooling on thisit's got some sort of copper heat transfer pipe on there to lowertemperatures 10 degrees I don't know what that's compared to though 10degrees less than what so the front of its getting up to 35 degrees and I'venoticed that the rear so around this part he just below the fingerprintreader here it is actually getting quite warm to the touch that is actually it'scool in the front of it so that's about 32 degrees though so it's gonna get warmbut it looks like at this point thermals aredefinitely under control over in the camera app now so we're not going to gothrough everything because it's just gonna be very lengthy this is alreadylong enough this video so we have a IMO that says on by default now to me theseAI boosting photography modes they're all just a gimmick because all they dois just bolster up the saturation the colors boost them and the brightnesssometimes so I don't particularly actually like that but maybe some peopledo like this kind of feature there that's got that obviously we have theportrait mode using the dual cameras on the rear a night mode there as well andyou can shoot with the front-facing camera up to 720p and you can also shootwith the rear camera 4k but no optical image stabilization or electronic imagestabilization in 4k which is a little disappointing so just like the the p20pro there you can see if we go into the pro mode which I wanted to show you herewe've got ISO shutter exposure and in the focus control and white balance wecan also shoot in RAW format which is good to seeand then the resolution up to 24 megapixels here the default is the 16and all the other settings here you can see there are pretty straightforwardthere so sample now probably better with noise because it is quite windy at themoment only 720p max with the front camera which is slightly disappointingreally because a lot of other manufacturers are offering at least1080p and on budget phones and some even up to 4k like the vivo phone now this isa sample shot with the rear cameras and it's 4k but you'll see it's a littleshaky because there is no electronic or optical image stabilization which I feelis a bit of an error there they really should have put optical imagestabilization at least with the sensor you can shoot up to 10 minutes max thefocus is face detection autofocus and you can see it tends to do an okayjob it's not quite as good as you you can see there as that dual pixel facedetection example on the Samsung Galaxy s8 s9 and even the Xiaomi me max 3 hasthat now if you drop the resolution down to 1080p then you do have electronicimage stabilization which you can see does an excellent job this is supersmooth and steady it almost looks like I am using a gamble but I'm not definitelynot this is a shame it's not working in 4k all right so to quickly recap here we'relooking at a phone that of course has a super large screen it's not gonna be iffor everyone it's quite heavy at 200 in what was at 235 grams and when you'reusing it yeah you're holding up basically a seven-inch tablet to yourear now we have an AMOLED screen so it comes out a much better than the me maxthree that I have the screen is definitely a lot better the buildquality is better the cameras better as well there and this is to be expected ofcourse because there's a massive difference in the prices as a premiummid-range err that's more of a budget device so this is selling for anothing's for 250 us versus 400 plus 409 450 it is a big difference there so no3.5 millimeter headphone jack that's a real shame I feel on such a large tabletit should definitely have that now the face unlocking I'll just do it again itworks really well but it's kind of silly that you have to slide to unlock and itjust doesn't go straight into the UI like other phones do their fingerprintreader works really great cameras they do look really promising really goodactually they'd step up I feel yeah better than the me max cameras yeah eventhough that one's got quite a good camera maybe the focus isn't quite asgood this is dual pixel face detection autofocus on this one and this one hasthe phase detection auto focus but everyone is looking really good but thelack of any optical or even electronic image stabilization on 4k is a bit of adeal-breaker and this is the reason why I did not actually get the P20 Pro toreview I thought about buying that phone and then I realised that 4k there's noway to get any form of image stabilization you have to use a gimbalto get nice steady smooth footage which is you know that's just an errorhopefully that'll be fixed with the update with the Kirin the new model Ithink it's gonna be called the 980 that one hopefully is then going to haveelectronic image stabilization on 4k have the power to actually do that verypowerful chipset really high speed fast storage that surprised Matt and expectedto be that fast I really thought they were going to use even see if I put onespeck so nice to see that it is just super quick I roll the performance isreally good now the gimmicky toggle button a pressit at the top I'm using that as a camera shutter butthere's no way to actually tell it's on it's really silly so when you press thatthere's no notification it doesn't pop up saying hey turbo mode is on marketinghype mode on no I don't know why reallythey've even bothered with it they could they could have put a two-stage camerabutton here would have been much better and I would have been happier with thatactually than just this gonna key a little button thing there no I don'tread Chinese I don't actually know what it really said there so maybe someonecan correct me in the comments if I'm wrong about that but still it shouldtell you when it's on so all the premium build very much a premium large almostlike a flagship phone really with the cameras front-facing camera it's toowhite it's kind of overexposing even though I've turned off beautifymode now not really that great portrait mode looks good Kameron general is goodlow light definitely looks quite good there and they've got that advantagewith the megapixels as well having 24 versus 12 you get on save me max 3 so ifyou're on a budget definitely go when you want a large phone go for this onethan mi max 3 check out my review that one up here and now I will be back witha part two you could say of this particular phone here so I need to useit obviously for quite a few days full-on as my main phone check mybattery life I'll be back with better life updates full charge times andpossibly probably do some low-light video samples as well and some otherlow-light photography so compare it to the mi max 3 so you can get an idea ofjust the kind of difference you can expect from there thank you so much forwatching this video if you did like this detailed hands-on review then please dosubscribe to the channel and I do hope to catch you back in the next one byefor now .

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