Cube IWork 5X Unboxing - Best Apollo Lake Yet?

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Cube IWork 5X Unboxing - Best Apollo Lake Yet? Within the sealed box here I have theCube or AllDoCube as they are known as now I work 5 X now this is a promisinglooking Apollo Lake M 3450 powered laptop / convertible because what thescreen can do is flipped right around 360 degrees so I converted into a largetablet now the screen is thirteen point three inches it's 1080p it has 10 touchpoints apparently but I don't think it's going to be fully laminated I haven'tconfirmed that by looking at information on the website but we'll see in just asecond I get this unboxed so it has 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes ofinternal storage which can be expanded upon because it does have an m2 setaSSD slot on there so we'll pull the reel off it will look at the internals andsee if it has a copper heatsink and what size of SSD we can put in there so otherspecs include 2 USB 3 ports micro SD card slot HDMI out and a 30 watt hourbattery all in a full-metal premium apparently build so it's looking veryinteresting so we'll get this unboxed here I'll go through my normal unboxingprocedure before we look at the final review which will be following up thisvideo here so let's get started on this the packaging looks quite premium notbad it kind of reminds me of the Q sinker hopefully it's along those kindof lines of the cube thinker which has an excellent build quality very much apremium laptop that one so the box has nothing really honored about specs arejust a few things on the back there but it didn't say much really just our 64gigabytes okay yeah premium kind of packaging well it's a lot better thanwhat the you typically get so just check out the accessories first in this box onthe slide so the box is jam-packed with the power supply here so the plug on itthat looks to me like the typical three millimeter that we see so DC charging itdoes have a type C port on this I wonder if that will also allow us to charge itand it is rated to 12 volts 2.5 amps that's more or less what we get on allthe Apollo Lakes and there is the other side in here tothis it's going to come out hopefully they have given us a power cable therewhich is of course a small little us-style one so I'm going to need anadapter for that and now just the laptop remains so it feels actually quite heavya little bit bulky there okay we do have some key card here so this has theseconstructions or whatnot cube I work five and would just be a quick guide andthings and that looks to be yet as all in Chinese so I'm not going to botherabout that there's nothing else in there that's just paper there so look at theweight got my scales powered up so weighs in it one point six eight kilosthat is definitely on the heavy side it's not exactly going to be light tohold us when you flip the screen around and the tablet form okay so along the bottom four rubberfeet these are all screwed in place so we'll be pulling this rear plate offsoon to have a look at the internals and the SSD slot and probably install my ownSSD I'll have a look at the thickness so it comes in to be approximately 15 andmillimeters stick at the thickest part there that's not including the rubberfeet which I can actually just get to but that's going to add anothermillimeter or two there so about 17 and at the front it's around 13 14millimeters there so very thin for what it is so this is very premium looking sofar really good there's an I work 5 X logo on the top there it's not offensiveat all we're not seeing a big huge Chinese logo on the rear like some ofthem the top of it that is very solid that doesn't really have any flex at allso on the right side of the laptop we have DC and 3.5 millimeter headphonejack USB 3 port micro SD card slot and then a power button now this powerbutton is made out of metal now the spacing of this could be alittle bit better so if you're going to be using a wide if your card reader orsomething like that then you won't be able to use at least this port thatthere and then plug in your headphones because obviously it's going to beblocked it's just kind of not going to be enough roomon the left side a type C port status LED micro HDMI out and a second USB 3port now we'll test and find out whether it is Type C supports charging hopefullyit will the hinge on the rear is one of those special ones that allows thescreen of course to flip right around and it's not made out of plastic this ismade out of metal all of it okay guys so place your bets what do you think fullylaminated screen or non laminated I'm going to put ten dollars on nonlaminated because of this price range but hopefully I'm wrong here let's findout so that hinge opens quite nicely and I can see that it is yes a non laminatedscreen there because have a look at the touchpad nice and large very good sizeon that hopefully this is a precision one very good a little bit of flex herenice feeling keys decent travel and we do have a shortcut there to disable thetouchpad screen brightness volume controls print screen and then you getthat extra roll along here so very good when it comes out to all the optionswe've got on the keyboard layout there so you can clearly see some status LEDshere power number lot cap slot and there is this grill along the top which isprobably where these speakers I would say the sound will be transmitted upthrough there which hmm I know interesting sort of placement Imean it's better than the downward firing speakers on the rear at leasthopefully these sounds ok but I will test that out in this video so up thefront you can see the 2 megapixel webcam and either side of it those aremicrophones there so we're going to have dual array microphones good placementtoo because on the keyboard or at least in that area we took up a lot morefeedback from the keys if you happen to be typing at the same time and niceattention to detail here there are two little rubber feet this is going to stopthe screen from scratching up against the keyboard now look now at the gap wehave between the digitizer glass and then the IPS panel below you can see ifI put my finger there that I'd say that at that border you can see inside is infact the gap there what do you reckon I think about 1.5 millimeters it'sdefinitely not the smallest gap unfortunately hopefully it will not betoo distracting so I don't you can see it looks very slim and sleek which isgreat I'll just demonstrate very quickly how the screen works and now it's becomea tablet a very heavy tablet at that but you can use it in tent mode and youcould also use it in presentation mode but it looks like the hinge isn't goingto be able to handle that weight or using it in what they call presentationmode for about there the screen starting to drop you can see very slowly that'seventually going to fall down so you have to prop it up at an angle of aboutthere in order to stop that from falling down okay so as I expected it's Windows10 Chinese I won't be able to change this I'll have to do a new Windows 10install so I'm going to go into the operating system and just show you someof the things I can the device manager have a look at a couple of things andthen what I'll do is I'll do a Windows 10 install and I'll back up the driverstoo as well they will be available on tablets comm if you after the drivers soI've got two here in Windows Chinese now I'm backing up the drivers currentlywith one driver that's going to take a little while always does but I'vemanaged to pull up a couple of things that at least I can understand we cansee that the RAM on there four gigabytes around they have dedicated a little bitto the Intel GPU there and okay that's the Chinese version I'm trying to at themoment install the language pack but it doesn't look like it's going to work itjust keeps spinning on that logo like it's trying to download it so I'm notgoing to bother with that I'm just going to go straight and do a clean installonce I've got those drivers so the touchpad first impressions of it arevery good this feels like a great touchpad and I can see okay this was allin Chinese but I can see that it is a precision touchpad so another plus hereanother positive and also wanted to mention that the build quality of thislaptop is really good it reminds me so much oftheir premium laptop the cube sinker a35 so we have a quick look at the screenI've just got a couple of my typical sample images here so you're going toget a bit of reflections of course because it's a non laminated and a glasscovered panel but to me it is a very decent panel so far just using it reallyquite good looking okay we've got larger bezels we always get the larger bezelson these yoga style laptops because they need more reinforcing apparent in thisarea here that's why we get there because there's a metal bar going alonghere but a very decent looking screens at the moment it's on 17 oh sorry fiftypercent brightness that's 75 100 looking bright I would just guess now I'll getmy equipment out later on a measure if it looks about 150 300 Lux and dullsDems right down super dim that hey you can see me there so the emmc they haveon there is a Toshiba brand one which is great we're not seeing any card in herewhich is those horrible 4c or b1 brand ones which are tend to be quite slowI'll benchmark that later I want to get everything in English and then thewireless just to confirm is yes Intel Wireless dual band AC 3 165 which is afairly decent chipset it's not bad it's got 2 antennas in there and normally therange in speeds on that are really quite good in previous notebooks that I havelooked at so it just tested out the micro SD card slot with some of my filesthat I normally set up on these our notebooks and these tablets I didn'tnotice that it was a little bit difficult to insert this micro SD cardbut once then as you can see it sits nice and flush so I've got some reallygood news here that type C port is a what I would call a proper type C portso it's used to be what do you call it 3.1 display out up to 4k 30 Hertzcharging and data all at the same time this is awesome this is what I love tosee on these kind of devices because it just adds to it add to the value of itdoesn't it so my hub here that I've got here this is a habbit USB 3.1 times Chub I just plug that in and I had my monitor running I plugged in a keyboardand a mouse and also had it charging all at the same time that'sright news so just typed out a little bit on the keyboard and they've got likea nice how to describe like a firm feel to them a nice feel when you press downon the very good keyboard so far I'm really enjoying it and liking it andagain 10 goes for that touchpad that it's large and being a precisiontouchpad accuracy at the finer movements seems to be really good and I can seethat it supports gestures you're able to tweak those gestures you can change itif you don't like the inverted scrolling whatever all of those options are allthere but so far this is shaping up to be very good keyboard and touchpad nowthe touch accuracy of the screen seems good no problem selecting things now there'sa little bit of lag there that's because I've got about ten things going on inthe background I think Windows Update is also running I'm dumping the drivers tooat the moment which is a pretty slow process but yeah the touch is lookinggood so the screen can be of course flipped around and then used even inportrait mode now the keyboard on the bottom you're probably wondering is itsselective when you flip it around no it's disabled automatically there isno lock button on here but at least it's disabled now and the accelerometer isworking perfectly fine you see it flips that around one thing to note thoughbecause the bottom of it here does not have any rubber feet on it that if youplace this soft alloy on a table and there's sand on an Imagine or somethinglike that and you move it around that is probably going to be quite easy toscratch up so looking now at the internals straight away you can see twocounterweight so that's probably to stop it from flipping over when you'retapping on the screen now the screen when you tap it does move a little bitthat happens on all of these our notebooks with this design you'dsomething you just can't avoid but everything's screwed into placeincluding the battery screwed in there and you see a very large copper heatsinkthat's one millimeter thick there's done a really good job with thisnow models out there if you do want to any help improve this thermals you canprobably go step further and put a big thermal pad here transfer heat onto therear casing but that'll make it a little bit hotter of course so there is metalbehind the keyboard backing it up that's why it feels so firm and the hinge isall screwed into place the speakers at the top there I do believe this- inside there I'll test the amount in just a second now right here is whatwe're after this is the SSD bay the slot so we have either the 22 by 42 will fitwith the first screw hole here and then we've got the 22 60 which fits on thatlast hole here now they haven't included a screw but in order to fit this 22 by61 this is my Sanders that I have I have to break this out now they've designedit so you can you can just lift this up and it will break right about there andyou can put that in unfortunately my crucial 22 by 80 they're full-sized onelook at those if I plug it in there's no way that's going to work it sticks outso sadly that's not possible but it is great that we can of course install an850 in here now the bias was fully unlocked as you can see but we do nothave access to that power limit setting which is the setting that I found outthat on the likes of the civil top ear that I could boost the performancebecause without the parliament's the GPU really did perform well so I've got aUSB pendrive plugged in now with Lennox Manjaro just wanted to test and see ifthat's going to boot and allow us to run Linux on this machine and so lookinggood so far okay so Lennox manager you can seebooted up just fine it is running the touch that's working and also thewireless is working bluetooth is working the screen brightness I don't think isworking sound works oh no sorry screen brightness does workso what doesn't work is the touchpad that seems to be the only thing so faroh and the auto rotation so you have to hunt around for drivers for those so weknow when I look at the internals of these speakers they output from justabove the screen there let's have a listen to how they sound actually they don't sound too bad if youheard from that that is a bit of bass in there which we normally don't get thesearen't the greatest speakers but they are so much better than the othernotebooks the Apollo 8 ones that I've been looking at by far they've got a bitof volume to them there's a bit more bass they sound a lot better so I don'twant to speak too soon here but I think I might have found the best of Polo Lakedevice out of China the best Apollo Lake notebook this is really good so far whatI've seen so the trackpad is great it's large it's a precision touchpad and it'sworking really well it's accurate with the finer movements I'm very happy withso far same goes for the keyboard typing on the keyboard is a pleasant experiencenow the keys don't have a lot of travel they're a little bit shorter than otherkeyboards I've looked at but they've got that nice kind of firmer feel to themand of course there's no flex on that keyboard you can see well little tinybut when you're typing on it there really is no flex it's a very nicekeyboard now the build quality is excellent it's almost as good if not thesame kind of level as the cube think of a 35 now that model is their premiumCore M with 8 gigabytes and that sells for about 560 us this is selling foraround 300 at the time of this unboxing and the build quality is really good nowthe screen it's not fully laminated there's a gap of about one to one and ahalf millimeters we don't really notice it and what I've noticed too that you'veprobably picked up if you've got a keen eye there's no screen protector preapplied on on there and the glass looks really nice it feels to me like it couldbe hopefully a scratch resistant tempered glass that they are using nowthe emmc speeds you can see them they're not the fastest 160 reads and 52sequential writes the 4k writes are quite low there so installingapplications on that drive may be a little bit slow but I haven't trimmed ityet so that could be affecting that score so the best parts of this for meare the fact that we can convert this into a rather bulky heavy tablet but youcan use it in presentation mode you've got the touch screen on there just addsan extra level and the performance everything else willbe tested in my final review that is the gaming thermals you name it it's goingto be and now I'll use it a lot longer just to get an overall feel of this it'dbe a week or two before I have the full review out if you have any questionsplease let me know down in the comments and I will try to answer you bye for now .

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