Chuwi Hi9 Air Unboxing & Review - Helio X20 LTE EU Band Android 8 Tablet

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Chuwi Hi9 Air Unboxing & Review - Helio X20 LTE EU Band Android 8 Tablet Hi guys Chris here back with an Androidtablet so this is the latest model from Chuwi it's called the Hi9 Air and it hasa 10.1 inch screen that is 2560 by 1600 in resolution it's an IPS panel and itis fully laminated so it should look quite good the most interesting thingfor me with this tablet is as it has dual SIM support 4G but it also supportsLTE bands that are very common here in Europe so we'll have band 20 and a lotof more popular you could say bands around the rest of the world because theproblem was a lot of these tablets like the audio cube x1 that I checked outit's got 4G support but very limited band support because it's mostly justthe Chinese ones and not the case with this one hereso it has a tin core processor which is the mediatek helio X20 with MaliT 880 GPU on there 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of storage 8000 million hourbattery and it also has wireless AC gps FM radio and of course you can makevoice calls with this so let's have a look and see what you get in the box soit comes in the typical chewy packaging just a plain brown box and it shouldhave this wrap around it that means that no one has opened it up of course so wehave the tablet we've got press and lift out it says onthis ok this comes up here so here we have our cable and this is a micro USBcable so no type C on this unfortunately and a European charger this one here israted to 5 volts 2 amps so we're not going to have media ticks pump Expressso the tablet and we do have a leaflet in here this will just be the warrantycard and information right here from chewie so yeah there we go warranty cardproduct inspection report and something else here that is in Chinese and alsoshould be in English which it is so checking the weight of it 561 gramsthat's not too bad for a 10.1 inch tablet so the thickness comes in to beeight point four millimeters do you not know wherewe got the seven-point eight millimeter figure from they must have beenmeasuring it right on the edges or something so taking a look at the backhere this is all an alloy they have used it's a matte paint job that it has so itdoes attract finger prints and it feels a little bit light here a little bithollow under this but it's not too bad the quality it's definitely like superhigh-quality premium quality no it's it's not and right here we've got a 13megapixel camera with an LED flash now this is a Samsung sensor with autofocusso along the top here we've got the speaker grilles there's one here and onehere they're very small so I don't imagine they're gonna be great soundingspeakers but I will test them here in this video 3.5 millimeter headphone jackthere with microphone support micro USB 2 in there for data and charging so inorder to add your SIM cards all you need to do is just clip this up comes offquite easily that plastic it's a little bit thin and flimsy feeling and then youjust slot in your SIM cards right there and a micro SD card will go there toobut what ports missing on this and a lot of manufacturers are doing this latelythey're not putting HDMI out on these anymore on the upper right hand sidehere you'll find some plastic volume up and down and power buttons they feelokay but because they're plastic they'd only have a super quality feel to themjust below them you can see a tiny little hole there that's for themicrophone so up the top of five megapixel front facing camera I don'tknow whether this one's a samsung I think it could actually be Omni visionor something similar and they've got this transit screen protector on herewell the first layer of that the unit of course pull that off so overall thebuild quality in hand it feels okay the weights not bad there's no flicks orcreaking within the case which was happening on the Chui hi9 that one hadan old plastic case on the rear it tend to add a bit of movement on it it feelsgood it's just not super high quality and what disappoints me is that there'sno micro HDMI out on this they should have included that and the port locationhere well that isn't really the best at thetop and because we have the 2.5 D glass while the curved edges on here this isgoing to happen with the screen protector so it won'tto go right down and connect with the display there so you're gonna get thatugly little gap around the outside of it which is going to collect us so justgoing through first boot and you can see the boot animation that they're usinghere is a stock android logo here so that's a good sign so hopefully this isgoing to be a completely stock android oreo wrongso first boot did take a long time it took about two minutes and had meworried it was boot looping you can see already that I've got 4G signal but nota lot and the screen so far does look really good so this is great we do havestock Android on here and it's Android 8.0 so it's not 8.1 I thought it mighthave been that I think some advertising material did show that and here all theapplications we have so it doesn't really have any real bloatware in hereunless you consider for example maybe photos playing movies and TV and playmusic to be bloat so we have fifty six point six gigabytes free on first bootso out of the box go into the wireless update because there is a bug fix righthere you can to see that it's minor bug fixes and I noticed that the cameras notlaunching when I got to launch it it just crashes so it should fix that nowso yes the update did fix the camera it will now launch and it runs you can takephotos of average quality and videos of average quality as well there now younotice how mass of the camera UI is this is a game because of their dpi thatchewie have said so I think I want to route this actually and just lower thatdpi these are the typical settings you're going to get with the camera thethe ones you get with mediatek phones so to show you that when I go back homehere and then just bring up actually recent apps that it's not super smoothit is a little bit choppy at times there's some updates going on and you'llsee here look how large that on-screen keyboard is now there is haptic feedbackso when you type there you'll feel quite a nice vibration which is a good touchit's good to have this on a budget tablet taking a closer look now at thedisplay so I measure the brightness and it comes out at just over 200 Lux it'sabout 203 and this is a lot less than Chuy's claimed I think it's on theirwebsite it said about 400 likes so that's probably what this display iscapable of but they have toned it down a little bit but overall I mean it is asharp display it's not a bad panel at all very nice the fact that it's fullylaminated now the screen protector having that on there that degrades thequality of the screen a little bit and the problem is that it's got a littlebit of resistance to that screen protector and as you can see here thereflection of my camera but you can see it's picking up fingerprints as well soI'm probably actually going to end up removing that screen protector and thescreen does support 10 touch points so multi-touch up to 10 so that's great sothe camera app is working but I'm seeing a lot of you find a lag a lot of justwhen you take a photo at lags a lot when you try and record video this is whathappened it crashes on me so at this point of time at least the time of thisvideo the OS isn't quite 100% stable that the camera application at least iscrashing since Android 7 we've had split screen so you can have an app be decideif the app supported that as now the performance of this it tends to degradewhen you're running two apps side by side a little bit and you notice thatthings aren't quite as smooth I mean Chrome there the scrolling is okay it'snot bad it's quite an image heavy website my one so there's a little bitof slow down there with things loading in but overall it's good I also tomention that the touch response and accuracy that's perfectly fine I don'thave any issues with that so it does have hardware FM radio and yes it isworking and it's one of few tablets that you will find with FM radio on it so forplaybooks which is what I'm using here at the moment for graphic novel PDFfiles and things like that the screen is good because it's nice and sharp andit's just going to be sharp of course than say a 1080p display so it does lookgood so online streaming apps like Amazon Prime video here for example thatis working perfectly fine the wireless range is good and it keeps up all overthat fine no issues but I noticed that when I switch over to 4G I run into afew problems because the 4G signal just isn't great YouTube videos up to 1440pthey play perfectly fine no issues with that so we have jewel world speakers asI pointed out the start of the video so one here one on the other side theydon't actually sound too bad perhaps this lack a little bit of volumebut they are better than and certainly not the best I've heardI'll give you a sample of them now so just running through some info here thisis DRM info so pause this if you need to read all this information here we haveTribble so using the application called Tribble check it's not supporting theseamless system updates because it doesn't have access to both sets of thepartitions only partition a here so GPS it works well not as good as a mobilephone of course it has a hardware compass this tablet does not havehardware compass in it it's just the GPS module it's got so looking now at thewireless speeds they're decent for this type of chipset and the wireless AC ithas no complaints here wireless range is also decent it's good but what I don'tlike is the 4G range so I found that the signal strength is a good two or threebars less than my mobile phones in the exact same position using the exact sameSIM card now I'm using orange here in Spain at the moment and their speedshave not been wonderful from my previous sim card so you can expect this kind ofspeeds around seven upload and download is all I'm able to get here but bear inmind that I don't have full signal strength you can see there that it'sreally at the bare minimum internal storage speed so not very fast it's onlya MMC four point five point one spec and finally here's the antutu score soalmost 90,000 that's not bad for a Hallyu ex 20 but notice the memory speedthere there's a bit of a weakness not a very good score right here for memory sonow I'll check out pump genie I'm gonna go with the settings that they recommendso it's just gonna be on the smooth option for the graphics details and thenmedium framerate so so far so good that framerate is keeping up and nowhere nearas choppy as the audit cube x1 but I'll find out after 10 minutes of gaming whenthat one started to throttle so it's like with the scope it's starting to geta little bit choppy and laggy oh I'm out of ammo bad bad bad okay I got lucky there with a headshotso after 20 minutes now I managed to get 9 Bott kills at this level I'm prettysure their BOTS aren't they they they seem quite easy to kill well and nowsomeone's trying to kill me okay it is a little choppy as you can see so it's notthe smoothest experience definitely here with pub G I mean this is a demandinggame but it's nowhere near as smooth as the Snapdragon 805 of course that's apremium high-end chipset but playable definitely playable and yes you will beable to kill people other titles like critical ops you can see here is runningapproximately around 30 to 40 frames per second with Peaks up to about 50 60 thistitle here on the medium preset which is World of Tanks is getting a decent framerate it's close to what I think about 60 frames per second see if i zoom aroundhere that that is quite smooth there's a few little stutters there and yes I'mdead quickly checking the temps now so after 30 minutes of gaming it's onlygetting up to about 30 degrees to the touch the same goes for the front of thescreen is to slightly warm so battery life on mostly wireless AC you'relooking around about seven hours with light use if you're going to be gaming alot then that's going to drop down to about 4 to 5 hours of gaming so thisright now is a sample from the front facing five megapixel webcam I managedto record video on this one here you can see the quality is I feel acceptableit's gonna be fine for applications like Skype voice chat things like that andthe audio you get as well from the inbuilt microphone is acceptable so torecap here overall we have I'll start with the positives we've got a nicescreen the build quality is decent we've got metal around the back so it's notall plastic like some of the other tablets that were selling from chewywith a similar price range here you've got ok camera performance but we've gota bug with the camera that it will crash I noticed we're recording at least withthe rear camera front-facing camera quality seems decent enough for Skypeand things like that same goes for the microphonethere so the performance of the tablet is decent it's good so if you're gonnabe gaming on it expect to have playable framerates at least but it's not goingto be the fastest experience out there definitely not it can run a demandinggame like pub G and it didn't run into the throttling that I experienced on theaudio cube x1 this one became very laggy and choppy playing that game about 5-10minutes into the game it would start to happen and I played for half an hour andit's perfectly fine it doesn't get any warmer so the thermals on this tablet atleast chewy have got that right that it just gets warm and it's gonna be finebetter life seems to be okay so depending on what you're doing so lightuse about seven maybe even eight hours gaming four to five so it's not amazingthere but it's typical better life charge times are very slow becausethere's only five volts two amps so the biggest problem for mewith the tablet okay the screen brightness it could definitely bebrighter it's only around about 205 Lux and they advertised at having about 400so I think with the last update or maybe the firmware that it's got currently onit they've toned down the brightness maybe for improve battery life on herebut the problem that I have with this tablet at the moment is it's really goodthat it's got all those 4G bands on there but the signal strength is quitepoor I think it's just the antenna setup on this or perhaps it's my unit but I'mnoticing that I'm only really getting while I'm getting actually about two orthree bars less than my mobile phones which I have sitting in the studio inhere with me and so it should be a lot better there the speaker's should belouder as well now that's a complaint letter I have on all of the Chinesetablets they never really put good or decent or powerful loudspeakers in therea 3.5 millimeter audio quality that is better of course you get a lot moreloudness out of that there's no hiss or annoying static so that's anotherpositive there so overall for the 200 us 220 that it's been selling for I feelit's a decent tablet it's going to give you good gaming performance it has anice screen and overall the build is acceptable it's fine for the price Ifeel it's not amazing it's not a premium tablet at all no but my favorite stillwill have to probably be tick lasts master t10 it's got a better buildquality and the screens a lot brighter than this one right here so please docheck got my review of that one if you'reinterested in a similar tablet and thank you so much for watching this reviewhope to catch you back in the channel and if you're new please subscribe tothe channel for more upcoming reviews bye for now .

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