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Syllable D900Mini Review: Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Best Airpods Alternative Under $30 In this video we will see a review of the$30 Syllable D900 Mini, which is a newer version of the D900 earphones.
Compared to the $220 Apple earpods these areamazing, and we will talk about their features, like battery life and the fit, so stick around. They come in a cardboard box which is coolas it can be recycled. I like how China is becoming more environmentallyconscious, with planting tree cities and gradually adopting eco-friendly packaging on a largerscale. Inside we have a quality control tag, whichis a good sign, and an English-German-Portugese-Spanish-Chinese-Japanese manual, which is a huge plus, because thepairing process is not very intuitive. I will show how to pair them a bit furtherinto this video.
Most Bluetooth headphones have a headbandor a wire in between, but these, as you can see have none at all.
Each piece sits in your ear like a standaloneBluetooth headset, and has its own battery as well as its own Bluetooth chip. Syllable is a headphone manufacturer thatmakes various Bluetooth headphones, but these are the first I’ve seen with no wires atall. The box also has a micro-USB cable, whichwas pretty unnecessary, and Xiaomi for example rarely adds them to their products as mostpeople have a few of them laying around. We also have 2 sets of replacement eartipsfor smaller and bigger ears.
We also have a carrying pouch. You need to first remove the tiny piece ofclear tape before charging them – very easy to miss, especially since the manual doesn’tmention that.
Also, it’s easy for the buds to be misalignedso you need to check that the charging light is on for both buds. There are blue indicator lights with LEDsthat show when the earphones are charging. The batteries on the earphones last for about2 hours of continuous music play or talking time, if you’re a bit of a talker, and awhat I thought was pretty cool is that they come with their own charging station thatalso doubles as a case.
On a single charge it was able to power up the earphones 5 times, and the case is recharged with a Micro-USBcable in about 3 hours. The earbuds themselves take close to 30 minutesto recharge. I like how the case came with magnets to retainthe earbuds in place when they are inside the case, and with more magnets on the outeredges to keep it locked.
The range is about 10 meters, or about 30feet. I’ve had them for a couple weeks now, andBluetooth 4.1 ensured that I did not have any problems with the dropping connection.
To initiate the connection mode, you needto press and hold the button on the left earphone for 5 seconds, pair them with your device,and then pair the right earphone to the left by pressing and holding the button for 2 seconds. A single press of either button pauses andplays the music, while a double press on the left earbud redials the last number you called. You can terminate the call by pressing thebutton again. A double press on the right switches to thenext track.
If you get a call while listening to music,you can answer it with a single press, or reject by pressing it twice.
When you talk, the sound only appears in theleft earbud. There is a built-in microphone, and the soundquality during the call is acceptable. With the right music and volume, the D900Mini can produce decent audio. The bass is great and in some cases even overwhelming. I thought that high frequencies were a bitlittle lacking in comparison with my $200 Audio-Technica ATH-M50’s, but it’s nota fair comparison, as these only cost $30 with free shipping, which is a truly amazingvalue.

The price from the official store on AliExpressis $29.99. GearBest is having a flash sale on these atthe moment, and you can get a pair for $25.89 with free shipping. .

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