11 Innovative, Unique And Most Interesting Gadgets From AliExpress

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11 Innovative, Unique And Most Interesting Gadgets From AliExpress Howdy there, my dear Aliholics! Today we are going to see a brand new compilationof unique products that we have selected for you.
A little update, if you follow us on Instagramor Facebook, you may have noticed that I have started putting together a little studio. I have been planning to build it for a while,and now that I finally pieced together all the furniture and finished setting up allthe lights, you will be seeing it in future videos. I also want to tell you about a new projectthat will be revolving around goods that you can buy on Amazon, which will be fully announcedonce we release the first video. The first item today is a handy iPhone splitter. As we all know, newer iPhones only come withone port that serves for both charging or data sync and for earphones, but when youneed to do both at the same time, you are left with nothing but sour disappointment,which is not something you expect after paying over a $1000 for a device that is supposedto be a pinnacle of technology.
But smart Chinese inventors came up with anelegant solution that not only easily attaches to the back of your phone with the fancy nano-washableglue, it also comes with a ring holder that doubles as a stand and is compatible withmagnetic card holders.
The chip inside optimizes the sound outputfor your earphones that reduces static noise to an absolute minimum. By the way, we our previous video is aboutthe fastest Chinese smartphones that you can buy for $300 or less, and if you are lookingfor a new phone it is worth checking out. The second product is a big mousepad thatcomes with extra entertainment features. It’s said that all that glitters is notgold, but this RGB LED mousepad is definitely an exception.
I just got mine and it’s awesome. My workstation now looks like a spaceshipwith the LED strip running on the outer edge of the table, a backlit mechanical keyboard,LED mouse, a few LED’s inside the PC case, and now - this.
The mousepad has 13 different lighting modes,between which you can switch by clicking the button on the side. It comes with a pretty long braided cable,but you can use any micro-USB cable that you have at your disposal. Material-wise it isn’t any different thana regular standard pad, but the fully flexible light strip goes all the way around its edge.
This is a fully customizable smart wall light. It is compatible with Amazon Echo, i.e. Alexa, and with Google Home, which means youcan control it with voice.
There are two options, a more expensive Xiaomi,which is triangle-shaped, and a generic no-name version, which is in the shape of a hexagonand is a fair bit smaller than the Xiaomi ones. These things are pretty sweet, you can setthe color, the mode with which the colors change, you can also set the time when itturns on and off, preset the mood settings, and the best part is when it is setup properlyand when you are done with it you can just tell turn it off, and it will comply.
Here is another item by Xiaomi. This is a wireless charging dock with a portablelittle nightlight. The light also does not need to be pluggedin with a wire to charge. It comes with a magnet and it can be attachedto metallic surfaces.
What I thought was interesting about it isthe fact that it has a built-in object detection, which will power it off if it comes in contactwith sharp metallic objects, to avoid getting shocked if the wire is cut by accident.
A pretty useless thing unless you live withEdward Scissorhands, but an interesting addition nonetheless. Another unique household item is this ampkeyholder that can make a great gift for a music enthusiast. The holder comes with a set of plugs thatattach to your keys so that you can plug them in, just as you would plug a guitar. There are three designs available, two manualamp options, and one midi controller for an electronic music fan. Here is a cheaper item, a 25-piece set ofshrink tubes for remotes.

No longer do you need to worry about makingthe remote wet by accidental spills, or dirty from Cheetos dust. It is really easy to use, just put it overthe remote, cut off the excess plastic, and heat it with a heat gun or a handheld hairdryer. If it rips, there is a plenty of them to serveas a replacement. Another cheap item is a household towel socket. It comes with a pre applied double-sided adhesivetape.
Also pretty simple to use, place it anywhereyou need it, whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom, and insert the towel or rubbergloves into it so that they are always somewhere handy.
Sunglasses with Bluetooth. Why, you may ask, and it would be a reasonablequestion. But the answer might surprise you. They have built-in bone conductive speakers,which means that they transfer the sound by coming into direct contact with your temples.
You can listen to music and answer and makecalls when pairing them with your phone - according to feedback the sound is very strong. When being used indoors others can hear yourmusic, although it is not a big issue, as sunglasses are generally not used indoors,unless your name happens to be Chad or Kyle.
Here is a really cool speaker concept. It uses the surface that it is placed on asa massive speaker - similar technology as the bone-conductive sunglasses, albeit ona much larger scale as the speaker is stronger. There is a Bluetooth mode which does not requireany wires, or if you wish to conserve the battery or use it with an audio source thatdoes not support it, you can use a simple AUX cable.
If you happen to have more than one of thesespeakers, you can use them in a sequence for a greater result - i.e. for more loudness. Smartphone gaming is a big thing, and if youfind that controlling the game is not as comfortable or if you require better range of controls,or if you are more used to a console setting, here is an external gamepad.
The brackets are adjustable up to 10 inches,so it can be used with both smartphones and tablets, although the tablets can only fitif you use them vertically. Here is a thing that can be used for veryheart-chilling pranks.
These come in the form of a coffee cup withspilled coffee, a pop cup, a noodle cup and as a miso soup. They can also be used as a very elaborateway of saving your seat, as most people are very unlikely to try and sit on somethinglike this, and will likely try and find another clean seat. The random item of the week are these giantinflatable tentacles. You can turn your house into a giant squid,which is guaranteed to attract attention, and turn any location into a social mediasensation.
There are a few different options that varyby length.
Free courier shipping is included into theprice to most locations worldwide, which means you won’t have to wait for too long forthem to arrive. Thanks for watching today’s video untilthe end. Stay for the meme of the week, and check outthe video that has been picked by YouTube algorithm specifically for you. Cheers! .

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